Darrell Moore


A Florida native now calling Brooklyn home. Give love, eat well and travel often is the mantra Darrell strives to live by. From his humble beginnings in Ft. Pierce Florida, growing up as a grandkid of a Reverend, faith would become his foundation. In this Faith he would discover a love for music, spending majority of his adolescent years singing in church. By no accident did his appreciation for music grow into an art form. While having an introverted personality, songwriting became an outlet of expression.  “For me it was like the best of both worlds.”

Darrell went on to study music business and complete his undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, earning a degree in Advertising & Psychology. Not long after, he tied the knot to his college sweetheart Christina. In the spring of 2009, Darrell was offered an internship with NBC and this opportunity would lead to the decision of relocating to New York in the summer of 2011. Later that year he would complete an internship program with Warner Music Group and briefly work with Sony/RCA film & TV division before returning to a less creative corporate role. 

 “I can remember the year I moved to New York and how excited I was every time I heard the song (Empire State of Mind) on the radio.” That very sense of excitement and drive is what keeps Darrell’s head in the clouds, not afraid to dream big, wake up, make a plan, pray and execute. “I feel blessed to have formed a brotherhood of purpose to build something much bigger than myself”