Dexx Davis


A native New Yorker, Dexx Davis was born and raised in Brooklyn NYC.  As the eldest of 7, he can remember one of his relatives "Bra" as they called him, cutting his hair every Saturday. By the time Dexx was 13 years old, he became fascinated by the artistry and skill of hair grooming.

Between the age of 13-21, he began to understand the practice and the importance of hair grooming. At the age of 21, Dexx enrolled in "The Robert Fiancé School of Cosmetology." During his tenure at Robert Fiancé, Dexx met and was hired by a master barber by the name of Mr. Bill Lester (Odmole Mandela), the owner of Kinapps Barbershop located in Park Slope Brooklyn. At Kinapps he began to learn and understand the business aspect of being a barber with a gift.

After 2 years at Kinapps, he decided to open his own barbershop called, African Trendsetters in Flatbush Brooklyn with his partner Chad Hill (RIP). Dee has enjoyed the opportunities that cutting hair afforded him. He's groomed and styled an assortment of hiphop/ R&B artist, models, businessmen, actors and the beautiful people of New York. Today, as a "Tonsorialist," Dexx continues the great trade of barbering and grooming that has continued for thousands of years.