Arthur (Nestle') Hylton


Upon graduating High school, Nestlè (Real name Arthur Hylton) realized that though he was a stellar student, college was not in his immediate future due to financial circumstances. He then made the life altering decision to join the military. He rose through the ranks to become an Aviation Electronic Technician 2nd Class in The United States Navy. It was during this time of his life that Nestlè traveled the world, visiting 11 countries, and honed his skills as a photographer while experiencing the various cultures and ways of life where he was stationed.

After eleven years of military service, Nestlè was honorably discharged, then relocated back to New York to focus his attention on is passions: Photography, acting, modeling and social activism. While doing so he created “Made for A King Photography.” A Visual Arts studio focused on bringing to life the visions of dreamers; through the medium of photography and Cinematography.

Arthur Hylton was just a young kid from Brooklyn trying to find his way in the world. Today Nestlè is a creatively driven photographer whose work has been featured in a plethora of online publications and portfolios. He continues to push his limits to expand his profile within the entertainment industry, while forging his own path toward social justice, equality and succeeding at being a unique individual that creates opportunities from mere ideas and dreams.