About Us

Our Mission: To change the perception we have of one another, by inspiring each other to be great.

Who we are: The Bearded Dapper Gents (B.D.G) is a collective of Black men of various ages and backgrounds who have come together to achieve the mission of inspiring and motivating the urban community through various acts of civic responsibility. Through the utilization of the tools and means that have been afforded to them this group of men aim to rebuild their communities via strategic, tangible solutions including mentorship, volunteering and activism. In an effort to extend the reach of their mission the Gents have partnered with various like-minded businesses and organizations, created by people of color who share the same ideologies and beliefs as this passionate group that is focused on unity.

An eclectic group with a large number of visual artists as members, the Gents access visual imagery as a means of connecting with their target demographic and thus having a solid impact. This is achieved from the clothing they wear when they convene to photoshoots taken with New York City as it’s backdrop. It is these small, yet deliberate tactics that are being executed with the intent of reversing the negative propaganda and stereotypes that have plagued people of color for centuries.

Not satisfied with merely discussing change with no real system created to back it up, the Gents have enacted a charitable initiative with a component that will further aid them in their quest for equality as well as help with the downfall of social and economic barriers.